7 Fashion Trends for Men That I Hope Come Back in Style


Since nobody wants to look like they’re trying too hard, men have worn shapeless, bland clothes, shorts cut right at the knee, and identical suits to work for the past few decades. But fashion for men hasn’t always been so boring. As recently as the '80s, men were wearing styles as interesting and varied as women. I think it’s time to shake it up and reclaim interesting men’s fashion. Oh, and I have a personal vendetta against really short hair. So boring. Young men, you’re gonna lose that hair in a couple decades, enjoy it while you got it. Here are some of the best fashion trends for men of all time.

Long, luxurious ‘70s hair

The ‘70s were, without a doubt, the era of fantastic hair. At that time, hair was big, voluminous, soft, and touchable. No nasty-ass gel, no hard helmets of hair. Just long, luxurious locks. So sexy.

1900's boater hats

I think this hat is cool. Fedoras are played out and douchey now, so why not reach a bit back further in time to the boater hat? It’s practical for the summer, jaunty, and looks great with suspenders.

Bolo ties

Bolo ties (the official neckwear of Arizona and New Mexico!) were popular in the ‘50s and saw a resurgence in the ‘80s. I think they may also have been on an episode of Glee because I found pictures of three guys from Glee wearing them. Not sure what that was about. Anyhow, bolo ties are fun, sassy, and endlessly customizable. I found an Elvis bolo tie on eBay that anyone can buy for me if they wanted to, no big deal.

The '50s greaser look

Yowza. You can’t watch Grease without some rumbling in your loins/stirring in your heart. That hair and those leather jackets are the ultimate in cool (and still require a little effort).

Short shorts

If only one of my fashion dreams come true, please let it be the return of short shorts. Long baggy shorts are the bane of men’s fashion. Man up and show some leg, you guys. I think the NBA should lead the charge and switch their shorts back to '70s length. Can you imagine Kobe in those? I sure can. Short shorts are fun, sexy, and demonstrate complete confidence. They are the most effective way to combat the boring ugliness that pervades men’s clothing these days. Short shorts are freedom.

Patterned and colorful suits

Not every suit has to look the same! In the '20s, pinstripe, checkered, and colorful suits were the peak of men’s fashion. The '70s were also a time for patterned and colorful suits that sometimes crossed over into the sublimely ridiculous. Life used to be INTERESTING.

Member’s Only Jacket

Every cool guy in the ‘80s had a member’s only jacket. Your dad probably had one. Ask him. If he didn’t, he was a total geek. Sorry. Their tagline was, “When you put it on... something happens.” That something was boners.

If we bring back these trends, men’s fashion will once again be free, fun, and adventurous. Short shorts, long hair, and fun suits for everyone! Could you imagine wearing any of these trends? Let me know @erikaheidewald or leave a comment!

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