4 We're Moving!

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That's right! We're closing up shop and moving on to bigger and better things! Me and Zeneraith have teamed up with those of the #Mikuchan IRC  to create VocaDB's sister site, Virtual Emotions. Click on for more info.

2 Miku;Zen Releases #--- - ---: Repairs!

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"Better late than never~!"


I believe I have an apology to make. While I did promise to be quicker with my next release, I don't believe I've lived up to that at all, and while I'd love to say that I have a reason for it, I don't believe I do. Sure there's work and college, but I'll be the first to admit that I didn't work as fast as I could on this release. That may be a good thing though, as I quality checked each album multiple times, and also repaired all of my remaining older albums.

IN THE PROCESS OF LINKING NEW ALBUMS. Problems encountered, standby for new site, and complete re-release of all albums. 


The result? All albums are now properly tagged, encoded, optimized, and ready for VocaDB links! Click on for more information + download links! 

2 Project Diva f theme songs

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Has the silence on Miku;Zen been disturbing? I hope not!

Greetings everyone! It has certainly been rather peaceful over here. Now that Miku's birthday is here, I should inject some life back into this humble Vocaloid space. And what better way to do that than to share the recently released Project Diva f theme songs!

Good ol' Vocaloid goodness from the likes of ryo, Jin, kz and 8#Prince, all after the jump!

2 Next Miku;Zen Releases on 08/31

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They're coming to you soon! - IA
Hello hello, my fellow Vocaloid Fans! Ignition here with a new update! After multiple months of being asleep/busy/tired/dead, I have finally finished translating another 44 new albums for you! I will be checking them over the next few days while on vacation, and upload and release will happen on the 31st! Look forward to it!

PS: Expect big news about Miku;Zen and her sister site VocaDB in the coming weeks! Also, thank you for waiting!

2 Hatsune Miku @ E3 2012 - Bring her over to North America!

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Rejoice! Hatsune Miku may be coming to the states earlier than you thought! Click on for more details!
If you have been following E3 this year, not much was announced; Watch Dogs looked amazing, Halo 4 looked nice, and 'The Last of Us' - while looking scripted - was jaw-dropping. But what about japanese-developed games? E3 was never the place for it in the past, with TGS always covering that, but there's a surprise waiting for you at the SEGA booth if you're lucky enough to get there!