This Girl Was Called A Monster For Years, But Now She Is Having The Last Laugh


Due to her misaligned teeth, AppleDarling, an imgur user, was made fun of for several years.

Kids teased her and called her a monster. Parents of other kids also passed comments regarding her bad teeth. But she faced all this with great courage.
At high school

Chewing was impossible for her because her upper and lower teeth were misaligned and didn’t touch. Despite receiving a lot of prank calls about her ugliness, she didn’t lose her cool.


At the age of 15 or so, her mother decided to get her braces, but her orthodontist suggested that braces were not the solution because her upper teeth were shaped like a V and the lower ones shaped like a U, and unluckily, this would add to future problems.
Surgery was the answer
So the doctor suggested that they should go for maxillofacial surgery, which can change jaw function as well as facial appearance. She lived in Oakland, California where the best surgeons of the country offered their services.

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