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That's right! We're closing up shop and moving on to bigger and better things! Me and Zeneraith have teamed up with those of the #Mikuchan IRC  to create VocaDB's sister site, Virtual Emotions. Click on for more info.

Virtual Emotions is in its final steps of getting up and running, and we have a few posts up at the moment. We sill continue with the spirit of Mikuzen, but in much more detail, with more support and ability than ever before. Current changes you can expect will be:

  • Much, much, MUCH more news.
    • We're going to have more official news posts than any currently running Vocaloid fansite - or at least just more than Mikuzen. This means new vocaloid software, new videos, new events, new concerts, etc. We plan on bringing you the most news we can find, the fastest we can.
  • New "Mikuzen Releases" - Birth of "Voca.Fi"!
    • We will be 'rebranding' our old "Mikuzen Release" albums, and releasing them after a thorough check as "Voca.Fi" - a new section coming to Virtual Emotions.
      • This new release format be designed to support the artists. You can still get your music from Taggleburr's DenMiku DatabaseNyaaTorrents, and more - but we will no longer be uploading full album tracks.
      • This new format will use MP3Tag and text files to import/export tags. I will work on tags, and once finished/checked, I will upload the text file, where you can easily apply it to your bought/downloaded music.
      • Support the artists through Voca.Fi!
  • Guest Articles + The Vocaloid Movement
    • We plan on letting our own readers post their own articles on our site. This will help flesh out the vocaloid movement, and introduce fans to parts of Vocaloid they may have never seen before.
      • Love PutinP's songs? Write about his music! Want to explain how a producer got started? We'd love to show it off! Want to explain an event? You get the picture!
      • We plan on establishing this as a bi-weekly article written by our readers. This is currently in the planning stages, but will be implemented before Christmas. 
You should get the idea by now. Virtual Emotions is aiming to be bigger, better, and more friendly than any other 'Voca' site, so drop by and let us know what you think! We'd love to improve too, so let us know how we can! 


Addendum from Zeneraith

Well now, Ignition sure is excited for the new project!

It's been a great run at Miku;Zen, but I'm sure you can tell, especially from the recent inactivity, that I've been too busy to support a site like Miku;Zen by myself. Despite being so busy, I've still been invited to write at Virtual Emotions, so I hope to continue part of what I've enjoyed over at the new sister site.

Truthfully speaking, I didn't expect Miku;Zen to grow to such an extent — it's not a huge hit or anything, but it is definitely bigger than what I anticipated (or what I ever intended it to be). And of course, it wouldn't have happened without you. So, to all my dear readers, I will say: thank you very much for following Miku;Zen!

As for the future of Miku;Zen, instead of immediately closing it, I will say that it will enter hibernation mode for a while to come. Whether or not I'll completely remove this blog, or whether or not I'll revive this blog for a different purpose, that is something that is still up in the air for me.

Until then, I hope you will enjoy your stay at Virtual Emotions instead. See you all again next time!


Bryan Hernandez said...

will...will i still get a chance to get this amazing music?

Zeneraith said...

@Bryan Hernandez: Hi there, if you're talking about Miku;Zen releases, then unfortunately, there won't be anymore — however, you could always stay tuned to Virtual Emotions for when Ignition resumes his releases there. Alternatively, MikuDB is still going strong, so you can continue to check there as well. :)

Bryan Hernandez said...

Thank you very much I plan to keep my eye on the new site. I can honestly say I love the music ignition releases... well I love the entire site as it is and if I have to go to Virtual Emotions for my music I will gladly do it.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 everything m8

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