6 VGL and AFA Malaysia 2012!

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I've been missing for far too long! So let me rise back from the dead by briefly mentioning two events in Malaysia that I really hope to attend. They are none other than Video Games Live and Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia 2012! Rejoice, Malaysians fans!

Read on for some short explanations on these two events. (:

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is finally coming to Malaysia! This is a Singapore-exclusive event that first started in 2008, and has been going stronger and stronger ever since. AFA is quite well-known, and one of the reasons is the presence of prominent figures from the anime industry. And by prominent figures, I mean artists, singers, seiyuu's and many more.

Let's look at last year's AFA2011 as an example: Mikupa was held. Itou Kanako, Kalafina, LiSA, FLOW, May'n and possibly even more artists were there to perform live. Chiwa Saitou, the notable voice of Senjougahara and Homura, was also present at AFA2011.

There is definitely a lot to look forward to, and I can't wait to find out what AFA Malaysia 2012 has to offer! I really do hope that the venue & management/organizers handle the event well.

Next up is Video Games Live (VGL). VGL is not so much an anime-related event, but gamers with an appreciation for music will definitely be keeping their eyes (and ears) open for this.

In a nutshell, VGL is an orchestra that plays epic music from well-known games. I attended the previous VGL about two years ago, and can say clearly that it is amazing to hear some of my favourite pieces live. Imagine listening to themes from Final Fantasy (One-Winged Angel!), Kingdom Hearts, Halo, God of War, Castlevania, Zelda, Chrno Trigger and Chrono Cross!

There were some rumours that they were returning last year, but unfortunately that didn't seem to case. Nevertheless, it is great to see that they're coming back this year. Mark your calenders, Malaysians gamers — May 26th and 27th are going to be one heck of a night!

That's all for this post. Lots of goodies for Malaysians to look forward to!

Meanwhile, in regards to Vocaloids, I think I should be able to get an album review out within the next few hours — finally got some free time and energy to spare. (: Work is being a bitch to me, so it'll be a while again before I get something up. Rushing things for client is not fun. ):

See you all next post!


alex said...

VGL 2012!

Lorencia said...

Sounds like fun! *u* Too bad I don't live in Malaysia. :C

Also, what album (or at the very least, whose album) were you planning to review, Zeneraith? Curious, seeing as we follow the same composers. C:

Zeneraith said...

@Lorencia: Ah, I wanted to review kz's Tell Your World EP. (:

There are actually a handful of other albums I'd like to post about, from producers such as buzzG, tokuP, monaca:factory, and yuduki, just to name a few. But it's quite hard for me to make time for posts now. .__.

alodiaT said...

Hi, sorry to botter, but why sources page doesn't exist anymore? I wanted to look Inakjib's Discography thread... Does it still exist?

Zeneraith said...

@alodiaT: Hi there. Sources page has been removed because I believe that MikuDB is already a very reliable source for Vocaloid music. Do give that site a visit if you're looking for some Vocaloid songs. (:

As for Inakjib's discography thread, I am not able to access it through my bookmarks, so my guess is that it doesn't exist anymore.

Anonymous said...

yeahh ! im gonna gooo

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