6 Insane BRS figma!?

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See more photos after the jump, or you may also view them at wcloudx(kumo)'s blog, or the official BRS TV website itself.

Be sure to click on them to see the full size!

Here we see her recreating the pose of the original illustration. It seems she has a very confident gaze too.

Look at that cannon. Look at it. Almost twice the height of BRS herself. Very nice! Also, I think her face looks great, perhaps better than the previous BRS figma's. Especially those eyes that have a hint of red right at the pupil.

I like her expression here too. Focused. Serious. Mature. I've always preferred such expressions on BRS. Would be great if she came with another face plate though; having just two expressions to play with is not as fun.

Oh boy, the number variations of BRS just keep on increasing. So far, three have been released: the original BRS figma, the BRS2035 figma and the BRSB figma. Now there's two more coming: the BRS -TV Animation Ver- figma, and this Insane BRS.

What makes me mad, though, is that the Insane BRS only comes with the blu-ray DVD set, and the set costs 28,500 yen. In Malaysian Ringgit, that's over RM1100.

If she were a regular release, she'd be so worth getting. Alas, dem Japanese limited edition nonsense...

Anyways, people, Wonder Festival 2012 Winter is today! Go check out this post and this post for loads of figurines to drool over. (:

See you all next post!


美砂ちゃん★彡 said...

Excuse my language for a moment but... FARRKKK!! I. WANT. THIS. *o* But I haz no money. oTL Why must the nice BRS figmas come with something else?! ;A;

Zeneraith said...

If it were something like the BRSB bundle, which consists of huke's art book & the figma for about RM300, I feel that's much more acceptable.

But I guess we can only ogle at this figma... Unless someone buys the set and then sells the figma separately. ;___;

Sveroz said...

Bought the huke artbook bundle for 130 usd. Thought it was the last expensive figma i going to get.

Now they purposely combine the disappointing animation and this amazing figma together. Really good marketing to maintain sales......truly a real test of faith for those brs fans

Anonymous said...

I wish they would use the artwork in the OVA. That one was great. The new one is okay.

Hey guys. Hybrid from OCN, Head-Fi, and Geekhack here. :)

Anonymous said...

I know a place to get this for cheap.

Anonymous said...

where can you get this cheaper? link please... thanks!

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